• 4. Buyer Policy

    4.1. Product Availability and Selection

    • Buyers are responsible for verifying the availability and condition of products before purchasing.
    • Ledtvparts.com is a marketplace platform, and Aakhil Electronics is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of seller listings.

    4.2. Payment Methods

    • Ledtvparts.com may offer various payment methods for buyers. Please refer to the website for current options.
    • You are responsible for ensuring sufficient funds are available in your chosen payment method.

    4.3. Returns and Refunds

    • Review the seller’s return policy before purchasing. Most sellers on Ledtvparts.com offer a 7-day return policy for non-functioning products.
    • To initiate a return, contact the seller directly.
    • Aakhil Electronics may mediate disputes between buyers and sellers regarding returns.

    4.4. Communication

    • Communicate clearly with sellers regarding product details, order specifics, and any questions you may have.
    • Ledtvparts.com provides a messaging system for communication between buyers and sellers.

    4.5. Disputes and Resolutions

    • If you have a dispute with a seller, please contact Aakhil Electronics customer support. We will attempt to mediate the dispute and find a fair resolution.

    4.6. User Conduct

    • Buyers are expected to conduct themselves with respect and honesty on Ledtvparts.com.
    • Aakhil Electronics reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account for violating the Buyer Policy or for any other inappropriate behavior.